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Serviens is the exclusive Product Consultant for all of Ilus Capital's investment products including its flagship real estate investment product, Real Estate Index Linked Shares (REILS).  Serviens also provides access to the cloud-based fintech software, ATLAS: Ilus Capital's platform for real estate investment implementation and optimization.

Through our global network of Product Consultants and key affiliates in select countries, Serviens is positioned to provide complete investment product guidance, platform consultation, and client relationship management.

To learn more about Ilus Capital's investment products and fintech solutions for the real estate industry please contact us.

Investment Products

Real Estate Index Linked Shares (REILS)

An investment platform allowing for tax and operationally efficient international investing into the U.S. real estate markets.

Unique Structure

  • U.S. real estate owners benefit from the monetization of property while preserving real estate tax benefits.
  • Non-U.S. investors reap the rewards of property ownership without the U.S. tax and management burdens.

Non-U.S. Investor Benefits

  Tax Efficiency:
  • Instead of taxable periodic net cash flows, non-U.S. investors receive a periodic fixed payment that qualifies for a U.S. income tax exemption.
  • Rather than receiving taxable capital gains upon sale, non-U.S. investors receive a contingent payment linked to the Market Value Index (MVI) appreciation that also qualifies for a U.S. income tax exemption.
  Contained Counterparty Risk:
  • The non-U.S. investor has no counterparty risk with the U.S. real estate owner because the property is operated by an independent property manager and SPE manager.
  • The real estate is also protected from the third party real estate owner's creditors.

U.S. Investor Benefits

  Tax Efficiency:
  • Real estate owners receive proceeds from REILS without triggering a sale event and the corresponding due taxes when disposing of property.
  • Real estate owners maintain the use of the depreciation deductions and other real estate-related tax benefits.
  Limited Liability:
  • The bankruptcy-remote SPE isolates the real estate owner from the SPE's liabilities.
  • The SPE limits the recourse to only the transferred real estate and not its transferor.

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